Wake Me Up Gently

Waking up is hard.


Especially when the news makes you want to hide under the covers and take a pass on the day.

Wake Me Up Gently is an alarm clock that will help you start your day in a more mindful place. It's a five minute buffer between sleep and IRL where you can take just a few moments to feel gratitude, peace, and inspiration.

Here's a sample:

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The things I read on Wake Me Up Gently are pulled straight from my notebooks; they stop me in my tracks when I come across them in the wild, and I write them down in an attempt to save them, and hopefully embody them.

I would love to continue creating this skill as a collaborative project with you.

If you have an idea for a reading that should be included in a future Wake Me Up Gently episode, please submit it here.

Poems, essays, paragraphs, journal entries, blog posts, etc. are all fair game.

Fine print: